PPT2000: Error Message: "Sorry the Slide has too many objects to perform the operation"

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When you save a slide in PowerPoint 4.0 format and attempt to open it, you may receive one of the following error messages:

Opening in PowerPoint 4.0

Sorry, the slide has too many objects to perform the operation.

Opening in PowerPoint 2000

PowerPoint found an error it can't correct.


There is a limit of 2048 objects that can be on a PowerPoint 4.0 slide.

Whether objects are grouped or not, they are still counted as separate objects. Therefore, a slide may have what appears to be only 15 clip art objects on it, yet the 2048-object limit has been reached, so PowerPoint will not allow you to open the file.


Paste Objects as Pictures

To avoid this problem, save the PowerPoint 2000 presentation in a different format or reduce the number of objects on the slides. You can reduce the number of objects on a slide by selecting the objects, cutting them, and then pasting them as a picture onto the slide.
  1. In PowerPoint 2000, open the slide that has more than 2048 objects.

  2. Press CTRL + click each object that you want to convert into a single picture.

  3. Once you have selected the objects, on the Edit menu, click Cut.

  4. On the Edit menu, click Paste Special.

  5. In the Paste Special dialog box, click Picture, then click OK.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in the Microsoft products listed at the beginning of this article.

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999