PPT2000: Aligning Bullets with Higher Level Text Margin

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You can align lower-level bullets with the left margin of text formatted for the previous indentation level. This article describes how to do this because this procedure is not documented in Microsoft PowerPoint Help.


To align bullets with the left edge of previous levels of text, such as this example

   Indentation level 1 text
   *   Indentation level 2 text (asterisks represent bullets)
       *   Indentation level 3 text 
follow these steps:
  1. Select the text box that contains the indented text.

  2. On the View menu, click Ruler.

    This displays the indent markers for all indent levels.

  3. Press CTRL and click the top triangle of the level whose bullet you want to align with the text above.

  4. Hold down CTRL and drag the triangle until it aligns with the bottom triangle of the previous indentation level.

The bullets should now line up with text formatted for the previous level of indentation.

For each indent marker, the top triangle controls the first line of text indented to that level. The bottom triangle controls all subsequent lines of text indented to that level.

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Last Reviewed: July 26, 1999