PPT2000: Always Asked to Setup External Monitor on Laptop

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Every time you start a slide show on a laptop computer and have an external monitor or display plugged into the laptop, you will receive the following message:

Would you like help installing and using an external monitor or projector?
You continue receiving this message even though you have selected the Don't show me this tip again box.


This behavior is part of PowerPoint's improved laptop integration features. You only receive this message if you are using a laptop computer that is undocked and you have plugged an external monitor or projector into the Video-Out port on the laptop. Because the resolution and capability of the external monitor may or may not match the capabilities of the built-in display for the laptop computer, PowerPoint recognizes this situation and gives you an opportunity to use the Projector Wizard if you have not already done so.

The Don't show me this tip again setting is only for the current session of PowerPoint. When you quit the program, this setting is discarded.

Normally, laptop computer users are mobile. PowerPoint is designed to prompt you with the message described in the Summary section of this article in case you are using an external video device that has different capabilities than the one that you used before.

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Last Reviewed: July 13, 1999