PPT2000: Cannot Connect to Third-Party NetShow Provider when Scheduling Broadcast

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When you schedule an online broadcast in Microsoft PowerPoint and you choose to use a third-party NetShow services provider, scheduling the broadcast may fail.

When you click Schedule Broadcast, Internet Explorer will the following blank web page:

The Office Assistant will state that the scheduling has been successful; however, the presentation broadcast has not been scheduled.


This behavior can occur if either the PowerPoint file name or your user name contains an apostrophe ('). The ~pptLaunchWebSite.htm uses a script to redirect you to the NetShow service provider page and identify your presentation uniquely. Apostrophes are used to contain the target uniform resource locator (URL). If there are any apostrophes in your user name, or your presentation name, the URL will be read incorrectly, and the redirect process will fail.


Avoid using the apostrophe when you name PowerPoint presentations. If your user name contains an apostrophe, you will not be able to use the third-party NetShow provider feature without a workaround, unless you change your user name.


To successfully broadcast a presentation, it is suggested that you broadcast using a user name that does not contain apostrophes. If this is not possible, you can open the ~pptLaunchWebSite.htm and copy the destination address manually.

  1. When Internet Explorer opens the ~pptLaunchWebSite.htm Web page, click Source on the View menu.

  2. There will be a value contained within apostrophes called
    document.location.href ='<Internet Address>'
    Drag the pointer to select this Internet address, excluding the apostrophes. On the Edit menu, click Copy.

    NOTE: The apostrophe in your user name does not signify the end of the Internet address.

    NOTE: The Internet address is quite long. Here is an example of an address generated while you schedule an online broadcast.
    http://officeupdate.microsoft.com/office/redirect/fromOffice9/PresBroadcasting.htm?DPC={00000409-78E1-11D2-B60F-006097C998E7}&DCC={CC29E94B-7BC2-11D1-A921-00A0C91E2AA2}&AppName=Microsoft%20PowerPoint&HelpLCID=1033&FileServerLoc=\\\\<servername>\\<shared folder>\\<username>\\broadcast19990720103424\\<filename>&Status="Schedule"

  3. Click the Internet Explorer icon on the taskbar, then paste the Internet address into the Address bar of Internet Explorer.

  4. To navigate to the pasted Web site, press Enter.

You should now be able to schedule your broadcast.

NOTE: Do not bookmark the third party NetShow service provider web page as the information in the internet address is specific to the presentation and the action being performed (like schedule or upload). This workaround will need to be performed every time the ~pptLaunchWebSite.htm web page is accessed.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000.


When you work on files that you will use on or over the Internet, certain special characters should be avoided. These characters are valid in Windows, but may cause problems in HTML, or scripting languages, because they may hold special meaning for these languages. Characters that should be avoided include the following list.

Additional query words: set up ppt9 ppt2k stop white temporary intervu activate

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Last Reviewed: August 8, 1999