PPT2000: Cannot Use Slide Master to Change Case of Slide Text

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If you change the case of the placeholders on a Slide Master, it does not affect the text on the slides.

The Slide Master are formatted placeholders for the title and body text fields that appear on your slides. In the placeholders for slide titles and text, you can change the font, color, size, line spacing, and alignment of the text, as well as the placeholder's shape, size, and placement. These changes will be reflected in all of the slides. However, if you change the case of the title or text in the Slide Master to anything other than sentence case (with just the first letter of the first word capitalized), this change is not reflected in the slides. All titles and text in the slides default to sentence case.


You can use the Slide Master placeholders to change the character and paragraph attributes of slide text. You cannot use the Slide Master placeholders to change the actual text that appears on your slides. The Change Case command does not change character or paragraph attributes. Instead, it physically replaces lowercase letters with uppercase letters or vice versa. The Change Case command works only on the text that is selected when the command is executed.


If you want to change the case of text, you have to select it before you use the Change Case command. You can select the text from Normal View, Slide View, or Outline View.


In PowerPoint you can use the Style Checker to change the case of slide text automatically. For more information about the Change Case command, click Microsoft PowerPoint Help on the Help menu, type "Change capitalization" in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic.

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999