PPT2000: Creating 35 mm Slides for Slide Imaging

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You can create 35 millimeter (mm) slides by using a desktop film recorder or by creating a file for a service bureau. A service bureau can transform your electronic slides into 35 mm slides. This article lists several items to keep in mind when you create a presentation that you intend to turn into 35 mm slides.


When you create a presentation that you intend to turn into 35 mm slides, keep the following items in mind:

  1. Set the page layout to 35 mm before you create your presentation. See the "Changing Page Layout" section later in this article.

  2. Avoid using pattern fills with contrasting colors. If you use pattern fills with contrasting colors, your images may contain horizontal white lines in the filled object or background.

  3. Avoid using the diagonal and center burst gradient fills, especially when they have extreme color ranges such as red to yellow. Some film recorders may not be able to render the fill correctly, which may cause a "block-shaped" or "jagged" pattern in the fill.

  4. Avoid using custom texture fills that exhibit the problems noted in items 2 and 3.

  5. Avoid using bitmaps that have multiple color changes in small regions of the image. They may not render correctly.

Changing Page Layout

To change the page layout, follow these steps:
  1. On the File menu, click Page Setup.

  2. In the Slides Sized For list, click 35mm Slides.

  3. Click OK.

Many service bureaus can make slides from your PowerPoint files without requiring special file preparation. Many bureaus also let you send your files electronically. For specific instructions on sending a file to a service bureau of your choice, please contact the service bureau directly.

If you are in North America, you can send your PowerPoint files to Genigraphics for 35mm slides, digital color overhead transparencies, large display prints, and posters. You can send your files by modem any time of the day and receive the printed material sometimes as quickly as overnight.

To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Open the presentation that contains the slides you want to send to Genigraphics.

  2. On the File menu, point to Send To, and then click Genigraphics.

  3. Follow the instructions in the Genigraphics Wizard.

Note :This topic does not apply if you are using Office with a non-U.S. version of Windows.

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