PPT2000: Custom Schemes Not Retained After Template Applied

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Any custom color applied to the slide color scheme is lost when you apply a template, even if you click "Add As Standard Scheme" on the Custom tab in the Color Scheme dialog box (click Slide Color Scheme on the Format menu).


Design templates contain color schemes. When you apply a design template to your presentation, the slide master and color scheme of the new template replace the slide master and color scheme of the slide master and color scheme of the original presentation.


To work around this problem, change the color scheme after you apply the template.


PowerPoint is designed to give your slide presentation a consistent appearance. Color schemes help to control the look of your slides.

Color schemes are sets of eight balanced colors designed for use as the main colors of a slide presentation. Each color in the scheme is used automatically for a different element on a slide, such as text, background, fill, accents, and so on. You can pick a color scheme for an individual slide or an entire presentation. When you apply a design template to a presentation, you can choose from a set of predefined color schemes designed to coordinate with each design template. This makes it easy to change color schemes for a slide or an entire presentation knowing that the new color scheme will harmonize with the rest of the slides in your presentation.

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999