PPT2000: Error Message: "You must enter the name of a computer on which NetShow has been installed"

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When you set up your presentation to be broadcasted, you may receive one of the following error messages:

You must enter the name of a computer on which NetShow has been installed
'Servername' is not a valid server. Please check to see that the server name is correct and the server is online.
Where Servername is a network server and sharename is a shared directory on the server.
NOTE: Microsoft Office 2000 has built-in functionality that allows you to get more information about difficult-to-troubleshoot alerts or error messages. If you want to enable this functionality for this and other error messages in Microsoft Office 2000, please download the Microsoft Office 2000 Customizable Alerts file from the Microsoft Office Update Web site at the following address:
NOTE: If you reached this article by clicking the Web Info button in an error message, you already have Customizable Alerts enabled.


The first error message is displayed when you leave the Server name box empty for Step 2 in the Server Options dialog box. You must specify a NetShow server name.

The second message is displayed when the NetShow server is offline or it is an invalid server location.


To resolve this problem, follow these steps.

Step 1: Verify that PowerPoint Broadcasting Functions

To verify that PowerPoint broadcasting functions are working properly, follow these steps:
  1. Create a single slide presentation for the broadcast test and save it.

  2. On the Slide Show menu, point to Online Broadcast, and then click Set Up and Schedule.

  3. Click Set up and schedule a new broadcast, and then click OK.

  4. To set options for the server location, click Server Options.

  5. Under Step 1, specify a location to which all participants have access.

  6. Click to select the Don't use a NetShow server option under Step 2.

  7. After you have set all of the server options, click OK.

  8. Click Schedule Broadcast. Your e-mail program starts.

  9. Use one of the following steps that is appropriate for your situation:

    If you have Microsoft Outlook, use it to arrange a broadcast. For more information, see Outlook Help.

    If you do not have Outlook, type the broadcast date and time in the message. The URL of the broadcast site will be included in the message.

    In either case, you will want to send the invitation to the Presentation Broadcast to your own email address or to another individual to verify that the broadcast is being sent out.

  10. Through your Web browser, connect to the Lobby page of the presentation broadcast from the same computer that is doing the broadcast or from another computer that can access the same network share.

  11. On the Slide Show menu, point to Online Broadcast, and then click Begin Broadcast. Your presentation is saved in HTML format at the server location you specify. Microsoft PowerPoint checks audio and video to make sure they are working.

  12. When you are ready to begin the broadcast, click Start.

NOTE: Steps two and three must be preformed by the NetShow System Administrator.

Step 2: Verify That OnlBroad.exe is Configured Correctly On the Server

The following information is from the OnlBroad_Readme.txt file.

Server Component Service Configuration

To configure the server components, follow these steps:
  1. Open Services in the Control Panel group.

  2. Click to select the On-line Presentation Broadcast item , and then click Startup....

  3. In the Log On As group, click to select the This Account option, and type in a User name and Password.

    NOTE: This "User" must be a member of both the "Administrators" group and the "NetShow Administrators" group for that particular machine.

  4. Click OK. (Note that the login name [as previously specified] should include the domain name appropriately.)

  5. To start the service, click Start.

  6. To close the Services Control Panel, click to select CLOSE.

To download the OnlBroad.exe, please visit the Microsoft Office Update World Wide Web site:
You may also obtain the OnlBroad.exe file from the Microsoft Office 2000 Resource Kit.

Step 3: Verify that NetShow services are configured correctly for Multicasting

For more information on verifying that the NetShow services are configured correctly, please see the following articles in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:
Q190012: How to Configure a Multicast Stream

Q189416: Firewalls and Ports Used by Microsoft NetShow

Q179982: Windows NT 4.0 Support for Multicast TCP/IP Packets

Q165011 : What Is IP Multicast?


For additional information about troubleshooting Online Broadcasting, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

Q229951 PPT2000: Troubleshooting Online Broadcasting
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