PPT2000: Error Opening Word Outline

ID: Q212499

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If you click Slides From Outline on the Insert menu in PowerPoint and then select a Word document, you may receive an error similar to the following:

PowerPoint can't open the type of file represented by C:\My Documents\<name of document>
Where <name of document> is the name of your Word outline.


This error occurs if the document is open in Word at the same time you try to import it into PowerPoint.


Method 1

Close the document in Word before you use it as the outline for a presentation.

Method 2

In Word, point to Send To on the File menu and then click Microsoft PowerPoint.

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Keywords          : kbinterop kbdta kbconversion 
Version           : WINDOWS:2000
Platform          : WINDOWS 
Issue type        : kbprb 

Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999