PPT2000: File Size Increases When File is Opened and Saved Even if no Changes are Made

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If you open and save a PowerPoint presentation without making any changes, the file size may increase. Repeating this process will result in file size increases up to 300% of the original file.


PowerPoint is performing a Fast Save. This save procedure is faster and safer than a normal save. A Fast Save appends only changes in your presentation to the end of a PowerPoint file instead of overwriting all existing content in the file. This information includes any changes made to the file and a record that the file was accessed.

Fast Saves are designed to overwrite the existing file and "reset" the Fast Save information once the Fast Save information has reached certain percentage of the original file size.


The fast save information will be discarded once it has reached a certain size. If you would like to force PowerPoint to discard the Fast Save information, disable Fast Saves and save your presentation again. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. On the Tools menu, click Options.

  2. On the Save tab, click to clear the Allow Fast Saves check box.

  3. Click OK, and save your presentation.


This design feature is under consideration for revision in a future version of the product.

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999