PPT2000: Hide on Next Mouse Click Happens on Next Animation Not on Next Mouse Click

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When you have the Hide on Next Mouse Click animation effect set to two or more objects sequentially and each object is set to build automatically, then as each object builds, the previous object is hidden.

This is a change from PowerPoint 97, where the objects would remain visible until viewer clicked the mouse button, causing the objects to vanish on command.


PowerPoint 2000 treats all animations as though they were activated by clicking the mouse. This allows the dim effects to function as expected, but it also causes the Hide on Next Mouse Click to hide the objects it has been assigned to.


To work around this problem, you will have to group together the objects that you want to remain visible, and set the grouped object to have the Hide on Next Mouse Click effect.

As a grouped object, when animated, it would appear that the individual objects were animating together at the same time. They would then remain on the screen until a mouse click or an animation automatically began. This can be done to multiple groups, allowing for many separate hides and animations to occur.

For more information about Grouping Objects, click Microsoft PowerPoint Help on the Help menu, type How do I group objects together? in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in PowerPoint 2000.

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Last Reviewed: August 9, 1999