PPT2000: How to Bring Harvard Graphics Slides into PowerPoint

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There are at least two ways to bring Harvard Graphics for Windows slides into Microsoft PowerPoint. Both methods require that Harvard Graphics and PowerPoint be installed on the same computer.


Method 1: Use a Copy and Paste Operation

From Slide Sorter view in Harvard Graphics, copy a slide, and then paste it onto a blank slide in PowerPoint.

Method 2: Insert the Slides as OLE Objects

To insert the slides as OLE objects, follow these steps:
  1. In PowerPoint, click Object on the Insert menu.

  2. In the Object Type list, click Harvard Graphics Slide(s).

  3. Click the Existing Slide(s) button.

  4. In the Open For Embedded dialog box, switch to the folder containing the Harvard Graphics file and select a .prs file.

  5. Switch to the desired slide and click Update <filename> on the File menu. If you don't do this, you receive an image of the first slide in the .prs file when you return to PowerPoint.

  6. On the File menu, click "Close and Return to PowerPoint."

  7. Resize the Harvard Graphics object to fill the PowerPoint slide.

Both of these methods bring in only one Harvard Graphics slide at a time.

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