PPT2000: How to Create (Format) a Default Presentation

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This article describes how to establish a set of default formats that you can use for new presentations. The file you create will be used as the basis for new presentations, unless you already have a presentation open. In this case, you can use either the default format or the format of the active presentation.


  1. Start PowerPoint and open a new presentation.

  2. Set the various defaults to be used for each new presentation. The following items can be set as defaults:

  3. On the File menu, click Save As.

  4. From the Save As Type list, click Presentation Templates (*.pot).

  5. Name the file "Blank Presentation.pot," and click save.

This file will now be used as the basis for all new presentations.

NOTE: If no file location has been set for the Office 2000 Workgroup Templates, it will be saved to the following folder:

   <profilespath>\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates 

For Example:

   c:\Winnt\Profiles\Joe User\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates 

Profilespath is the location of the profile for the user currently logged in and using Windows. If running Windows 9x, and User Profiles are not enabled, the default folder will be:

   c:\Windows\Application Data\Microsoft\Templates 

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999