PPT2000: How to Embed Fonts For a Consistent Text Appearance Across Systems

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When you create a presentation on a computer that uses one set of fonts, it might not look the same on another computer that has different fonts. You may be able to solve this problem by saving (or embedding) your fonts in the presentation.


To save your presentation so that the fonts will display and print properly when you open the presentation in PowerPoint 2000 on another system, select to embed the True Type Fonts into the presentation:

  1. On the File menu, click Save As.

  2. Click Tools, and then click Embed TrueType Fonts

NOTE: You can embed any TrueType font that comes with Windows. Other TrueType fonts can be embedded only if they have no license restrictions. If a font can't be embedded (for example, it's not marked as being editable or installable) a message appears to tell you why.

NOTE: Saving a presentation with embedded fonts increases the file size of your presentation.

PowerPoint 2000 supports Edit-level TrueType font embedding. This means that if you open a presentation that contains embedded fonts which aren't already installed on your system, you can use those fonts on other text within the same presentation, but you can't use them in other presentations.

PowerPoint 2000 supports embedding TrueType fonts when saving in the following formats:

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999