PPT2000: How to Record a Presentation Broadcast

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One very powerful option of the PowerPoint 2000 Presentation Broadcast feature is that you can record your broadcast for playback at a later date and time.


To record a presentation, follow these steps:

  1. On the Slide Show menu, point to Online Broadcast, then click Setup and Schedule.

  2. Click Setup and Schedule a Broadcast, then click OK.

  3. Click the Broadcast Settings tab.

  4. Set up the broadcast as you normally would, then click to select the Record this broadcast and save it at this location check box.

    If you plan to use this broadcast on a CD or for use on an Internet Web site, leave the Location box blank. If you want to specify a location, make sure it is one that can reached from all users on your intranet.

    NOTE: If you try to specify a Web address, you will receive the following warning message:
    You cannot use an Internet Address here.
    Enter a path that points to a location on your computer or on the network.
    Only network or local machine locations are valid locations for storing broadcast recordings.

  5. Schedule your broadcast normally.

    NOTE: If you just want to record the broadcast, invite only yourself then set the time and date to only a few minutes away.

  6. If you plan to record the broadcast in step 5, start the broadcast and begin speaking immediately. Unlike a regular broadcast, you do not have to wait for the audience members to sign on.

    You do not have to do anything special while recording. PowerPoint will automatically handle all of the tasks for you.

To playback the presentation broadcast, use the same URL you used in the initial broadcast, or open the Broadcast folder and double-click the Default.htm file. After the scheduled ending time for the presentation broadcast, you will have a button on the page labeled Replay Broadcast. Click Replay Broadcast, and the recorded broadcast will start.

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Last Reviewed: August 3, 1999