PPT2000: How to Reset the Default Toolbars and Menu Commands

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PowerPoint allows you to organize toolbars and menu commands so you can find and use them quickly. You can easily customize toolbars to add and remove menus and buttons. You can also create your own custom toolbars and hide or move them.

PowerPoint stores all the changes you make to its menus and toolbars in a file called PPT.pcb, which is stored in the following folder:

<Windows>\Profiles\<username>\Application Data\Microsoft\PowerPoint
Where <Windows> is the folder containing Windows, and <username> is your login name. If you do not have profiles enables, this will be stored in the following folder:

<Windows>\Application Data\Microsoft\PowerPoint\PPT.pcb
If you rename the .pcb file and restart PowerPoint, the menus and toolbar settings are reset to their default values.


In PowerPoint, toolbars were made to include buttons, menus, or a combination of both. The Menu Bar is a special toolbar at the top of the screen that contains menus such as File, Edit, View, and so forth. You can customize the Menu Bar the same way you customize any built-in toolbar.

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999