PPT2000: Larger File Size When Saved in Previous Format

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If you save a PowerPoint presentation and then save it in PowerPoint 7.0, or PowerPoint 4.0, format, the PowerPoint 2000 version of the file is usually smaller than the earlier version(s). Depending on the contents of the slides, the earlier format version may require up to five times as much disk space as the PowerPoint 2000 version.

For example, a 150KB PowerPoint 2000 presentation becomes:


Many of the drawing tools in PowerPoint can produce graphic effects and compression schemes that are not available in earlier versions of PowerPoint. When you save a PowerPoint presentation in an earlier version format, PowerPoint converts the drawing objects into generic graphics objects. The generic objects require more disk space than the equivalent PowerPoint 2000 drawing object.

If your presentation contains a solid background and very few graphic elements, the difference in file size is much smaller than if the presentation contains many PowerPoint drawing objects, especially objects with 3D graphics effects.

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999