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This article describes how to use the Microsoft PowerPoint Online Broadcasting feature with Microsoft NetShow Server 3.0. If you do not use a NetShow server, you will be limited to fifteen audience members in your Online Broadcast. Due to licensing restrictions, you will be limited to only ten audience members if you are presenting from a Microsoft Windows NT Workstation, without using the NetShow Server.

Benefits of presentation broadcasting include:


To set up an online broadcast for use with NetShow, you must complete the following tasks:

Configure the Netshow Server

To use the Online Broadcast server feature, the following software must also be present on the server system:
  1. Microsoft® Windows NT Server version 4.0

  2. Service Pack 3 (or later) for Microsoft® Windows NT Server

  3. Microsoft® Windows NT Server NetShow Services

NOTE: These steps assume that your NetShow 3.0 Server is configured, running smoothly, and able to stream media on demand from the ASFROOT directory. You can test this by placing the Sample.ASF into the C:\ASFROOT directory on the NetShow Server. On the Windows Start menu of the Presenter machine, click Run. Type the following:
The Sample.ASF should play in Windows Media Player. If your NetShow server is not installed or configured properly, Online Broadcasting will not work. In this case, consult your NetShow documentation.

Configure the Presenter Machine

To create an online presentation, first, create your slides with PowerPoint as you would for any other presentation. Save the presentation. Then, setup and schedule your presentation using the Online Broadcast option under the Slide Show menu. To do this, follow these steps:
  1. Click Slideshow, then point to Online Broadcast, and then click Set Up and Schedule.

  2. Make sure that the Set Up and Schedule a new broadcast option is selected, then click OK.

  3. On the Description tab, you can change the Title, Description, Speaker name, and Contact information. This information will be viewed by your audience. You can preview this information by clicking Preview Lobby Page.

  4. Click the Broadcast Settings tab.

  5. In the Audio and Visual settings box, you will be able to determine whether you will send an Audio stream or a Video stream. To use these features, you must have a microphone or video capture device installed on the presenter machine.

    You can capture Audio and Video from another computer by clicking to select the Camera/microphone is connected to another computer check box. If you select this option, you must specify the computer name, and that computer must have a microphone or video capture device installed and functioning properly.

  6. Decide whether or not to include a link for E-mail under the Audience Feedback during Broadcast box. If you have a chat server on your network, you can specify it here as well.

  7. In the Recording box, you can record the broadcast and save it for later viewing.

  8. Specify whether or not the audience will have access to the Speakers notes.

  9. Click Server Options.

  10. You must specify a shared location where the Online Broadcast will be accessed by the audience. Specify this location in Step 1: (required) Specify a shared location. This shared location can be on the presenter machine or on the NetShow server; however, you will experience better performance if you specify a shared location that is not on the NetShow server. You should type the shared location in the following format:


  11. Click to select Use a local NetShow Server on this LAN.

  12. Type the Server name.

    NOTE: Do not type the two back slashes before the server name. Type <Servername>, not \\<Servername>.

  13. Click OK, then click Schedule Broadcast.

  14. In the Meeting form, type the email addresses of each audience member in the To box. When you finish, set the Start and End time, then click Send.

  15. You will receive a message: The broadcast has been successfully scheduled. Your broadcast settings have been saved in the following:


When it is time to broadcast the presentation, click SlideShow, point to Online Broadcast, then click Begin Broadcast.

For more information on Online Broadcasting in PowerPoint, please see the following page on the Microsoft World Wide Web site:
Web Workshop - Presentation Broadcasting with PowerPoint 2000

For More information on using NetShow Services with PowerPoint Online Broadcasting, please see the following page on the Microsoft World Wide Web site:
Broadcasting PowerPoint Presentations over the Network

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