PPT2000: Page Up and Page Down Keys Seem to Behave Inconsistently

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When you press Page Down while you are editing a PowerPoint presentation, you may receive inconsistent results.

For example: Sometimes, you will move to the next slide in the presentation, from slide 2 to slide 3. At other times, you may move from slide 2 to another, seemingly random slide, from slide 2 to slide 40 for example. At other times, these keys will not change the active slide.

The Page Up key behaves in a similar manner.


The Page Up and Page Down keys behave differently depending upon which pane of Normal View is active.


The active pane can be determined by looking on the status bar. The status bar is in the lower-left corner of the Microsoft PowerPoint window. It will contain one of the following indicators:

NOTE: If the status bar is not visible, it may be disabled. To activate the status bar in PowerPoint, from the Tools menu, click Options. On the View tab, click to select the Status bar check box, and click OK.

To change the active pane, click anywhere within the desired pane to activate it. The shortcut keys for changing the active pane follow:


This behavior is by design.

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999