PPT2000: PhotoAlbum: How to Edit the Borders Around Photos

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You can modify the borders around your inserted PhotoAlbum photos. These borders consist of AutoShapes and freeform objects that you can edit in PowerPoint.


Frame Styles for the PhotoAlbum Add-in

The Frame Styles available to the PhotoAlbum Add-in come in two varieties:
Border or Shadow Formatting: Freeform Frames: You can modify the borders by formatting the different line styles assigned to them; you can modify freeform shapes, or you can alter or replace them altogether with other freeform shapes.


For more information about modifying freeform shapes, click Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Help on the Help menu, type "How do I modify Freeform shapes?" in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topics returned.

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Last Reviewed: July 6, 1999