PPT2000: Set Up Show Command Unavailable

ID: Q212510

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If you click the Slide Show menu, the Set Up Show command may be unavailable (grayed out).


The Set Up Show command is unavailable if you are running the presentation as a Slide Show in the background.


  1. To switch to the PowerPoint Slide Show window, press ALT+TAB.

  2. To end the Slide Show, press ESC.

  3. To switch back to PowerPoint, press ALT+TAB.

Now the Set Up Show command is available.


This functionality of PowerPoint is by design.


When you view a PowerPoint Slide Show, the Slide Show runs as a separate task. To switch between Slide Show and Edit views, press ALT+TAB on your keyboard.

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Keywords          : kbui kbdta 
Version           : WINDOWS:2000
Platform          : WINDOWS 
Issue type        : kbprb 

Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999