PPT2000: Slide Branching Lost When Saving as Previous Version

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When you save a PowerPoint presentation that contains an embedded PowerPoint slide or PowerPoint presentation object into PowerPoint 7.0 format, you cannot edit or run those objects from PowerPoint 7.0.

When you open the presentation in PowerPoint 7.0 and double-click the slide or presentation object, you receive the following error message:

The server application, source file, or item cannot be found. You should reinstall the server application.
This symptom occurs if you created the embedded PowerPoint object from a PowerPoint 7.0 file.

NOTE: If you use embedded presentations to create a branched slide show in PowerPoint, you cannot reach the branches from PowerPoint 7.0.


PowerPoint inserts a PowerPoint 7.0 slide or presentation object as a PowerPoint object. When you save the PowerPoint presentation in PowerPoint 7.0 format, the embedded objects do not change. After you open the presentation in PowerPoint 7.0 and double-click the embedded object, your computer attempts to start PowerPoint 2000. If PowerPoint 2000 is not installed on your computer, you receive the error message described in the <Symptoms> section of this article.


To work around this problem, create branches by linking other presentations instead of embedding them. When you save your PowerPoint presentation into PowerPoint 7.0 format, you must also open and save all of the branch presentations in PowerPoint 7.0 format.

NOTE: Features not available in earlier versions of PowerPoint will be lost when you save it in a previous version format.

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999