PPT2000: Symbols Appear as Squares After Opening Presentation

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When you open a PowerPoint presentation on a Windows 95 or 98 computer, you see "square" characters rather than symbol characters.


This behavior occurs when you create the presentation on a computer that is running Windows NT 4.0 and you insert a symbol using the [normal text] option in the Insert Symbol dialog box in PowerPoint. Windows NT 4.0 supports a greater number of special characters than Windows 95 or 98. Because Windows 95 or 98 cannot correctly display these special characters, it displays squares.


To work around this behavior, use a symbol from a standard font that is shared by both Windows 95 or 98 and Windows NT rather than the [normal text] option.

The symbol fonts in the following list are shared between Windows NT and Windows 95 or 98:

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Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999