PPT2000: Text on ActiveX Controls May be Cropped in Web Page

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When you view a PowerPoint presentation saved as HTML, the text on ActiveX controls may appear cropped or cut off. In addition, this text will not scale in proportion to the rest of the presentation.


The text in the ActiveX controls cannot scale to match the size of the presentation if the presentation is viewed at less than full screen.


View the presentation in full screen mode. When you view the presentation, click the Full Screen Slideshow icon in the lower right corner of your Internet Explorer browser. The form controls will display properly in full screen mode.

NOTE: Internet Explorer 4.0 or later is required to view a presentation in full screen mode.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft PowerPoint 2000.


ActiveX controls are similar to those you find in programming languages such as Visual Basic for Applications. ActiveX controls include scroll bars, command buttons, option buttons, toggle buttons, and other controls that you use to create custom programs, dialog boxes, and forms. The ActiveX controls in Microsoft PowerPoint are stored in the Control Toolbox (View menu, Toolbars submenu). When you add an ActiveX control to a presentation, you can make the control "active" by writing macros in the Visual Basic Editor that customize the behavior of the control. For example, you can use ActiveX controls to create an online survey in your presentation in which respondents can enter text in text boxes or select or clear check boxes.

Using ActiveX controls on Web pages

If you plan to publish a presentation as a Web page, you can use ActiveX controls to enable users to type data. When you use ActiveX controls in a Web presentation, you write Web scripts (rather than macro code) to run the controls. You can write the scripts in Microsoft Visual Basic Scripting Edition or JavaScript.

For more information about web scripts, click Microsoft PowerPoint 2000 Help on the Help menu, type "Learn about creating and editing Web scripts. " in the Office Assistant or the Answer Wizard, and then click Search to view the topic.

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Last Reviewed: July 12, 1999