PPT2000: What Happens When You Disable Macros

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If you open a Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation that contains macros, you have the option to Disable Macros. If you choose to disable macros, PowerPoint does not execute any macro modules in the Presentation; however, you are still able to see the macros in the Macro dialog box.


Although you can see the macros in the Macro dialog box, Run is unavailable (dimmed). You can only click Edit, Delete, or Cancel.

If you click Edit, the PowerPoint Visual Basic Editor appears. Then you are able to click Run Macro on the Run menu; however, you receive the following message:

This document was opened with Macros disabled. If you wish to Enable Macros, you should close and re-open the document, choosing the 'Enable Macros' option.


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Last Reviewed: July 2, 1999