PPT2000: PowerPoint Appears to Hang Resizing Image, Changing Zoom

ID: Q212415

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When you resize or scale a large high-resolution image or change the zoom settings on a slide that contains one of these images, Microsoft PowerPoint may appear to stop responding (hang), while it redraws the image. During this brief period, the image may appear to vanish or flash before it reappears. Depending on the speed of your computer's processor, this process may be less than or greater than ten seconds.

This behavior is noticed only with bitmap images, not metafile images. It affects the following file formats:


This behavior is to be expected when you insert large, high-resolution images in a presentation. PowerPoint must render the image each time the size changes. This process is processor intensive, and PowerPoint may appear to stop responding, until this process is completed.

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Keywords          : kbgraphic 
Version           : WINDOWS:2000
Platform          : WINDOWS 
Issue type        : kbprb 

Last Reviewed: June 28, 1999