DOC: Problems in Predefined Views in Index Server OLEDB Provider

ID: Q200485

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For the English and European releases of Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Index Server 2.0, the columns returned by some predefined views are not documented correctly in the Index Server documentation in the Windows NT Option Pack.


Note that when you issue SELECT * against these predefined views, new columns may be added to the end of the column-list in new product releases and the application should account for this (this is a well-known SQL behavior). For the existing English and European releases:

To fix the problem of the missing DocTitle in WEBINFO and EXTENDED_WEBINFO predefined views, download Service Pack 4 for Microsoft Windows NT Server 4.0.


For more information on Index Server, refer to Index Server documentation in the Windows NT Option Pack product documentation.

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Last Reviewed: April 2, 1999