FILE: Idxadovc.exe Index Server, OLE DB & ADO in Visual C++

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The Idxadovc.exe sample demonstrates how to use an ADO Recordset with the OLE DB Provider for Index Server (MSIDXS) in a Visual C++ 5.0 application to query Index Server 2.0.


The following file is available for download from the Microsoft Software Library:

~ Idxadovc.exe

For more information about downloading files from the Microsoft Software Library, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   ARTICLE-ID: Q119591
   TITLE     : How to Obtain Microsoft Support Files from Online Services

The sample uses an ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) command to submit a query to the Index Server using the MSIDXS OLE DB provider.

Here is the sample code:

   SELECT Filename, Size, Write, Path  FROM Scope()
   WHERE CONTAINS(\'\"Index and Server\"\') > 0
   ORDER BY Rank DESC" );

The sample also displays MSIDXS provider properties. Index Server 2.0 and the MSIDXS OLE DB provider ship with Windows NT 4.0 Option Pack.

For more information on Index Server, refer to Index Server documentation in Windows NT Option Pack documentation. The chapter "SQL Access to Index Server Data" is the best reference for SQL query syntax for Index Server.

This sample code is based on the Adovc.exe sample mentioned in the REFERENCES section.


For more information, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

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