PRB: Catalog Problems with Site Server 3.0 SQL Samples

ID: Q184903

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Running the "SQL Extensions Search" sample included with Site Server 3.0 and querying may produce this error:

   Your query could not be executed:
   SELECT * FROM ssextended_webinfo WHERE CONTAINS('Site AND Server')>0
   BY Rank DESC
   Invalid catalog name . SQLSTATE=42000
   Check the syntax of your query, and then try again.


The default catalog is not set for this installation.


To set the default catalog, run the Site Server Admin tool as follows:

1. Go to the Programs\Microsoft Site Server\Administration\Site Server

   Service Admin (MMC) folder.

2. Expand the 'Search'/'<YourSite>' folder and right-click the "Search
   Server" folder to see the Context menu.

3. Select Properties in the Context menu.

4. Select a default catalog in the default catalog box.

You can also set a default catalog using the HTML-based Admin tool as well as from the command line.


This behavior is by design.


The same steps may be needed for running a few other Site Server samples that do not allow the user to specify a catalog on the sample page. If there is no default catalog, your query will return the following:

   The requested catalog is empty or has not been added to the Search

The SQL Multicolumn Search Sample gives this error:

   One or more of the specified search catalogs is not available.
   Please contact the administrator of this site.

The SQL Multicolumn Search sample shows the "catalog1 and catalog2" on the sample page. Specifying a default catalog will not fix the problem. You need to modify the source code of the sample to use an existing catalog name (such as KMSampleCatalog1). To do that, open the file, <Path>\Microsoft Site Server\Sites\samples\knowledge\search\multicolumn in Notepad and change the following line:

   CatalogList = "catalog1,catalog2"


   CatalogList = "KMSamplecatalog1,KMSamplecatalog2"

You can also create your own catalog with the name catalog1 or catalog2.


For more information, please refer to the Readme files for SQL samples and to the Site Server documentation.

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Version           : WINDOWS:2.0
Platform          : WINDOWS
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Last Reviewed: May 4, 1998