PRB: Problem Using Extended/DBCS Characters in Catalog Name

ID: Q186379

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Index Server and Site Server might not recognize any DBCS or extended character in catalog names or in column/property names.


Index Server and Site Server recognize quoted strings as single IDs, even when they contain DBCS characters. If a catalog name or column name contains DBCS or extended characters it needs to be quoted.


This behavior is by design.


The first character must start with a-z|A-Z, while subsequent characters can be a-z|A-Z|0-9|<under_score>. If this were to include any other characters, the string must be double quoted.


For more information on using catalogs and column/property names, please refer to Index Server or Site Server documentation.

Additional query words: oledbProvIndex MSSearchSQL kbDSupport kbNoKeyword kbdse

Version           : WINDOWS:2.0,3.0;
Platform          : WINDOWS
Issue type        : kbprb

Last Reviewed: June 1, 1998