GW 1.0: Greetings Workshop Taskbar Buttons Inactive

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The buttons on the Greetings Workshop taskbar will be inactive if the following conditions are true:

Consequently, there will be no apparent way to exit Greetings Workshop from within the program.


When you move the insertion point to the bottom of the screen, the Auto- hide feature shifts focus from Greetings Workshop to the Office Shortcut Bar. The Office Shortcut Bar will not, however, be visible from within Greetings Workshop.


To resolve this problem, use any of the following methods:


This issue was resolved in Greetings Workshop version 2.0.


An alternate method for exiting Greetings Workshop is to press ALT+F4. This is a standard keyboard command for closing an application.

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Version           : WINDOWS:1.0
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Last Reviewed: July 22, 1999