IC: Setup Error 907 Your Setup Files May Be Damaged

ID: Q171620

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When you run Microsoft Image Composer Setup you may receive the following error message:

Setup Error 907 - Object 7770
Your setup files may be damaged. Try restarting the Setup program
from where you originally ran it.
This error message usually occurs after the screen to specify the destination folder.


Some systems misinterpret the way that Setup provides the name of the destination folder.


To work around this problem, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure that an Image Composer folder is not present from the previous installation. Delete this folder if it is.

  2. Run Setup.

  3. When you are prompted to specify the folder to install Image Composer to, enter a name with eight or fewer letters, such as composer .

  4. Click OK and then click Yes to create the new folder.

Setup should proceed without error.

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Version           : WINDOWS:1.0 1.0a
Platform          : WINDOWS 
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Last Reviewed: July 22, 1999