BUG: DBCS Parameters Not Allowed When Importing COBOL

ID: Q183549

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Importing a COBOL source file will fail when the COBOL data declaration section contains an item that is USAGE DISPLAY-1. This COBOL usage defines an item as a Double Byte Character Set (DBCS) string. The following error is displayed in a message box when you click the Next button on the COBOL Source File Specification page in the COMTI Import COBOL Wizard:

   Text: Invalid syntax was found near:
   * 05 <variable-name> PIC G(n) USAGE IS DISPLAY-1.

After you click the OK button, the next wizard page is displayed and you can choose either to cancel the Import process or to continue. If you choose to continue, the unsupported COBOL statement is not displayed.


PIC G USAGE IS DISPLAY-1 (DBCS) is not supported in this version of the COM Transaction Integrator.


If the unsupported statement is not part of the interface being defined, you can continue the import and ignore the error message. If the unsupported statement is part of the interface, then you will need to apply the supported fix described below. It is not possible to send or receive DBCS characters with the COM Transaction Integrator version 1.0.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in Microsoft COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS version 1.0. This problem was corrected in the latest SNA Server version 4.0 U.S. Service Pack. For information on obtaining this Service Pack, query on the following word in the Microsoft Knowledge Base (without the spaces):

   S E R V P A C K
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Version           : WINDOWS:1.0
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Last Reviewed: June 23, 1998