BUG: Runtime Error 1225 When Return Value Is a Recordset

ID: Q189426

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This problem occurs when you are using a CICS (non-link) Remote Environment. It occurs under the following circumstances:

1. A COMTI method is declared where the return value is an ADO recordset.

2. In the Advanced properties of the method, the return value is repositioned, that is, away from the default position, which is <Return value is first item in declaration>. In COBOL terms, this means that the return value is a data item that is NOT first in the set of items in the COBOL declaration.

When the method is invoked, runtime error 1225 is indicated:

   "COM Transaction Integrator did not receive a data-complete indication
   from the Remote Environment following the expected reply data. Contact
   the host application programmer. If no changes were made to the host
   server program that had been operating correctly, contact Microsoft
   customer support."

The mainframe program sends the correct amount of data in the LU6.2 message and the SNA Server “End Bracket” indicator is set properly.


COMTI does not correctly handle methods in which the return value is not positioned first in the set of COBOL declarations. It always processes the return value first, regardless. Thus, the ODO parameter that the return value is dependent upon is not available at the time the parameter is referenced, causing the above test to fail.


Microsoft has confirmed this to be a problem in COM Transaction Integrator for CICS and IMS version 1.0.

Version           : WINDOWS:1.0
Platform          : WINDOWS
Issue type        : kbbug
Solution Type     : kbnofix

Last Reviewed: July 20, 1998