INF: Explanation of COMTI Metadata Elements

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This article enumerates the elements contained by the COMTI metadata structure and explains their use. You are also advised to review the COM Transaction Integrator (COMTI) online Help file for related information.

Metadata is an optional feature of COMTI. To use metadata, open a component library in Component Builder or create a new component library. In the left pane, select the name of a method, right-click, and open the Properties dialog box. Click the Advanced tab.

There are three options in the "Meta data" block:

  • None
  • Include method name
  • Include all information
  • None is the default. For either of the other two options, a block of data is transmitted to the host and made available to the host server program in CICS or IMS. Metadata is not available to the client side of the application.

    To produce the examples in this article, a component library with the following properties was used:
  • Remote environment type: CICS and IMS using TCP/IP
  • Target environment: CICS
  • Server mode: Concurrent Server
  • The contents of the metadata block are the same regardless of how these properties are set.

    If you select Include method name, the following block of data is transmitted, where the method name variable is [input] data:
        05  MD-METHOD-NAME                   PIC X(32). 
    If you select Include all information, the following block of data is transmitted, where the variables are [in/out] data:
         05  METADATAERRBLK.                                          
             10  LMETADATALEN                 PIC 9(9) COMP.          
             10  BSTRRUNTIMEVERSION           PIC X(32).              
             10  BSTRMETHODNAME               PIC X(32).              
             10  BSTRPROGID                   PIC X(40).              
             10  BSTRCLSID                    PIC X(40).              
             10  USMAJORVERSION               PIC 9(4) COMP.          
             10  USMINORVERSION               PIC 9(4) COMP.          
             10  SREADYTOCOMMIT               PIC 9(4) COMP.          
             10  SWILLINGTODOMORE             PIC 9(4) COMP.          
             10  SRETURNERRORTOCLIENT         PIC 9(4) COMP.          
             10  SERRORCODE                   PIC 9(4) COMP.          
             10  LHELPCONTEXT                 PIC 9(9) COMP.          
             10  BSTRHELPSTRING               PIC X(256).              


    MD-METHOD-NAME and BSTRMETHODNAME contain the name of the method invoked by the client application. One possible use of this value is to provide a means for dealing with COBOL REDEFINES data. For example, each of multiple methods can invoke the same COBOL program. The COBOL program can obtain the method name from the metadata variable to determine which definition of application data is appropriate, that is, which COBOL REDEFINES to use.

    Another use of metadata is to return application error information to the client application.

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    Last Reviewed: April 28, 1999