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This article describes how to install the FrontPage Server Extensions for the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS).

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To install the FrontPage 1.1 Server Extensions for the Microsoft Internet Information Server, follow these steps:

1. Log on to the Windows NT Server using the Administrator user id and

   password (do not log on as a User with Administrator permissions).

2. Start the Internet Service Manager and select the WWW Service. On
   the Properties menu, click Service Properties.

3. In the Password Authentication section on the Service tab, click to
   select the "Basic (Clear Text)" check box. Click the Apply button, and
   then click OK.

4. To decompress the FrontPage server extension file, double-click it.

    a. If you have already performed this operation once since FrontPage was
       installed, go to step b. If you have not performed this operation
       since FrontPage was installed, at the end of the decompression
       process, click Yes when prompted to start Server Administrator now.
       Go to step 5.

    b. Start the FrontPage Server Administrator.

5. Check the Ports section of this dialog box.

   Make sure that no extensions are installed on the port where
   IIS is running. If there are, uninstall them. Once the port is free, 
   click Install, and then follow these steps:

    a. From the Server Type list in the Configure Server Type dialog
       box, select MS Internet Information Server.

    b. In the Server Configuration dialog box, type the port number for the

       Do not type an IP address in the Multihosting section unless you 
       have already bound multiple IP addresses to your NT Server and 
       assigned them to virtual servers in IIS. (Never type a domain name
       in the Multihosting section.)

    c. In the Confirmation dialog box, click OK.

    d. In the Administrator for Personal Web Server dialog box, in the Name
       box, type "Administrator" (without the quotation marks). In the
       Password and Confirm Password boxes, type "x" (without the quotation
       marks). Click OK.

6. To connect to the Microsoft Internet Information Server from FrontPage
   Explorer, click Open Web on the File menu.

7. In the Open Web dialog box in FrontPage Explorer, type the Hostname
   or IP Address to the Internet Information Server.

8. When prompted for the Author/Username and Password, type the username
   and password you use to log on to Windows NT.

To install the FrontPage 97 Server Extensions for the Microsoft Internet Information Server, follow these steps:

1. Log on to Windows NT using the Administrator account.

2. Double-click the executable file downloaded from the Microsoft Web Site.

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