Messages Lose Properties After Import Into MS Exchange

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You may experience the following symptoms:


During the export process the values for Priority are not read correctly and the Read State property is not transferred.

To send the undelivered mail, double-click the messages in the Outbox, and then click Send on the File menu.


The updated version of Internet Mail and News addresses the Priority and Read State problems. Exported messages retain their Priority and Read State properties. However, messages exported to the Outbox still need to be resent using the method described in the "Resolution" section.


For additional information, please see the following article in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   ARTICLE-ID: Q154457
   TITLE     : Availability of Microsoft Internet Mail and News

KBCategory: kbenv KBSubcategory: inetmailw95 Additional reference words: 1.00
Keywords          : inetnews inetmail 
Version           : 1.00
Platform          : WINDOWS

Last Reviewed: August 20, 1998