"Insufficient Memory..." Error Message on Disk 1 During Setup

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When you run the Setup program for one of the applications listed above, your floppy drive may be unable to read Disk 1 and you receive the following error message:

   Insufficient memory to run this application. Quit one or more Windows
   applications and then try again.

This error message may occur even if no other applications are currently running and sufficient memory IS available in Windows. The following are possible causes and resolutions for this problem.


This error message may be caused by any of the following:


To Test for a Damaged SETUP.EXE File

To test for a damaged SETUP.EXE file, do the following:

1. Put the Setup Disk 1 in your floppy disk drive (for example, drive A).

2. At the MS-DOS command prompt, type:

      dir a:\setup.exe

   where A is the drive in which you placed the Setup Disk 1.

The file size of the SETUP.EXE file should match the file size in the following table.

   Version of Microsoft Excel        File size

   5.0c                              58768
   5.0                               39856
   4.0a                              21248
   4.0                               21248
   3.0                               62704

   Version of Microsoft Word         File size

   6.0                               39856
   2.00c                             21248
   2.00b                             21248
   2.00a                             21248
   2.0                               21248

   Version of Microsoft Project      File size

   4.0                               39856
   3.0a                              21600
   3.0                               21600
   1.0                               54323

   Version of Microsoft PowerPoint   File size

   4.0c                              39856
   4.0a                              39856
   4.0                               39856
   3.0                               24976

   Version of Microsoft Publisher    File size

   2.0a                              39856
   2.0                               25840

   Version of Microsoft Works        File size

   3.0                               39856

   Version of Microsoft Video        File size

   1.1                               24624

To Test for a Damaged Setup Disk 1 or a Damaged Floppy Disk Drive

To test to see if the problem is caused by a bad disk or because of a problem with your floppy disk drive, use the COPY command to copy the contents of any disk that has the same density as the application disks to the hard disk drive, or use the DISKCOPY command to copy the disk contents to another floppy disk:

NOTE: Typing the DIR command to view the contents of the floppy disk and looking at the disk contents in File Manager are not reliable ways to test for these problems: when you display the contents of a disk, you only accesses the disk's file allocation table, you do not access every sector on the disk.


To work around these problems, follow the appropriate procedure below.

You are using MS-DOS 6 or MS-DOS 6.2 VSAFE

If you are using MS-DOS 6 or MS-DOS 6.2 and loading VSAFE, you may receive the error message noted above, even when your machine is correctly configured. To work around this problem, remark out (REM) VSAFE in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file, reboot your computer, and then install the application.

The CMOS Settings Have Been Lost

To correct this problem, go into the CMOS setup on your computer and set the floppy disk drive back to 1.44 MB. For more information, contact your hardware vendor.

NOTE: If your floppy disk drive is not a 1.44 MB, high-density disk drive, you will not be able to change the CMOS floppy disk drive setting. In this case, you must use 720K low-density disks to set up the application on your computer.

The Setup Disk Is Damaged

To correct this problem, you must order a new set of disks. To do this, call Microsoft Sales Information Center at (800) 426-9400. If you are outside the United States, contact the Microsoft subsidiary for your area. To locate your subsidiary, see the Microsoft World Wide Offices Web site at:


There Is a Hardware Problem with Your Floppy Disk Drive

To correct this problem, use diagnostic software with your floppy disk drive and have a qualified hardware technician examine it.


The information in this article also applies to other products and to 5.25- inch disk drives.

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