In Setup, the "Space Required On Drive" Value Is Not Exact

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When you run the Setup program for one of the programs listed at the beginning of this article and choose the Complete/Custom installation option, if the Space Available On C: value is less than the Space Required On C: value, one of the following situations occurs when you continue with the Setup program:


This behavior occurs because the disk space value that is displayed in the Custom/Complete Setup dialog box does not account for any files that are already installed on your computer.

Because of this, in some cases, it is possible to successfully install the program, even if the Setup dialog box indicates that the program files require more disk space than you have available on your computer.

If you receive the dialog box with the message telling you that you do not have enough disk space, a second value for the Disk Space Required On Drive C: is displayed. This second value is generally smaller than the initial value in the Setup dialog box because it is calculated after taking into consideration any files that are already installed. The calculation for this value also takes considerably more time than the calculation for the initial value.

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Last Reviewed: May 6, 1998