Missing _MSSETUP.EXE Prevents Setup from Completing

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If you run the _MSSETUP.EXE file (located in the SETUP subdirectory of one of the applications listed above) prior to running the setup program for that application, the setup program checks for disk space and then generate the error message "<application name> Setup was not completed successfully" when you run Setup.

This same error message occurs if you run the _MSSETUP.EXE file located in the administrative setup directory on the server after you have completed an administrative Setup (SETUP /A) to this directory and then run Setup from this directory.


When you double-click the _MSSETUP.EXE file in File Manager or run the file from the MS-DOS command prompt, the file deletes itself and Setup cannot run properly.


To correct this problem, expand the _MSSETUP.EX_ file from Disk 1 of the application's Setup disks by doing the following:

1. At the MS-DOS command prompt, change to the directory where the

   SETUP.EXE file for the application is located, for example

2. Insert Disk 1 in the appropriate floppy disk drive.

3. At the MS-DOS command prompt, type the following

      <drive>\decomp <drive>\_mssetup.ex_ _mssetup.exe

   where <drive> is the drive in which you inserted the application's Setup
   Disk 1.

   For example:

      a:\decomp a:\_mssetup.ex_ c:\winword\setup\_mssetup.exe

   or for an administrative setup of the application:

      a:\decomp a:\_mssetup.ex_ h:\msoffice\_mssetup.exe

This command decompresses the _MSSETUP.EXE file and copies it to the current directory.

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