Office Setup Hangs After Type of Installation Is Selected

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Microsoft Office Setup may stop responding (hang) after you choose the type of installation, that is, Typical, Complete/Custom, or Laptop/Minimum.


This problem may occur if any of the following conditions are true:


Method 1: If you start windows from a third-party shell, you may

          need remark out the command that starts the menu program from
          your AUTOEXEC.BAT file by typing REM at the beginning of that

Method 2: If you are using a third-party shell, edit the SYSTEM.INI file
          and change the Shell= line to read the following:


          To increase environment space, add or edit the following line in
          the CONFIG.SYS file to read the following

             Shell=c:\<dos>\ c:\<dos> /p /e:512

          where <dos> is the directory where MS-DOS is installed,
          and "/e:512" may be increased to "/e:1024."

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Additional reference words: 4.20 4.30 lock

Last Reviewed: September 10, 1996