Setup Error Message: "While Registering OLE Servers..."

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The following error message may occur while you run Setup program for one of the products listed above:

   While registering OLE servers, Setup had a problem with REG.DAT,
   SHELL.DLL or disk space.


The following conditions can cause this error:


Workaround 1: Invalid or Missing Windir Variable

WINDIR is an environment variable set by Windows, based on the path in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file. If the PATH statement in the AUTOEXEC.BAT file includes the Windows program directory without the drive (for example, "\WINDOWS" instead of "C:\WINDOWS"), Windows may set the WINDIR variable incorrectly.

Use the following instructions to check the current WINDIR environment variable:

1. Choose the MS-DOS Prompt from the Main Group.

2. At the command prompt in the MS-DOS Prompt window, type "set"

   (without the quotation marks) and then press ENTER. A list of
   environment variables should appear, including the WINDIR
   variable (for example, WINDIR=C:\WINDOWS).

     NOTE: This step must be done by shelling to MS-DOS while
     Windows is running, not by exiting Windows and typing "set"
     at the MS-DOS command prompt.

3. If the WINDIR variable is missing or if it points to a
   directory other than your current Windows program directory,
   use one of the workarounds below to successfully install the
   Word OLE servers.

     NOTE: You cannot manually set the WINDIR variable by typing
     "set windir=c:\windows" at the command prompt; Windows must
     set this variable at startup.

Use one of the following methods to correctly set your WINDIR environment variable:

Method 1: Temporarily Set Correct WINDIR Variable


          This workaround does not correct the PATH statement in your
          AUTOEXEC.BAT file that caused Windows to set the WINDIR variable
          incorrectly. This workaround temporarily sets the WINDIR variable
          so you can successfully install the Word OLE servers.

          1. Quit Windows.

          2. Do one of the following:

              - At the command prompt, start Windows by typing the
                following and pressing ENTER:


                  NOTE: In the above syntax, substitute the path to your
                  Windows program directory for "c:\windows."


              - Start Windows by typing the following at the command prompt
               (press ENTER after each line):


          3. Run the Word Setup program.

Method 2: Permanently Set Correct WINDIR Variable

          This workaround changes the PATH statement in your AUTOEXEC.BAT
          file so Windows always correctly sets the WINDIR variable.

          1. In a text editor, open your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

          2. Change the PATH statement so it includes the complete Windows
             program directory, including the drive letter. For example, if
             your Windows program directory is "C:\WINDOWS," your PATH
             statement might appear as follows:


          3. Save and close your AUTOEXEC.BAT file.

          4. Restart your computer.

          5. Start Windows and run the Word Setup program.

Workaround 2: Corrupt REG.DAT File

Use the following instructions to rebuild a corrupt REG.DAT file:

1. From File Manager select REG.DAT, from the File menu select Rename

   and type REG.OLD to rename the file.

2. From the File menu select Run and type:

      regedit /u c:\windows\system\setup.reg

   If you are running Microsoft Windows for Workgroups, version 3.11, type:

      regedit c:\windows\system\setup.reg

3. Choose OK. The REG.DAT file should now be rebuilt.

4. Exit Windows. Restart Windows. Run the Setup program again.

For more information about troubleshooting REG.DAT problems, query on the following words in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   reg.dat and corrupt and rebuild

Workaround 3: Incorrect FILES and BUFFERS Settings in CONFIG.SYS

Set FILES=60 in your CONFIG.SYS file unless you have a software application that requires a higher setting. Set BUFFERS=10 in your CONFIG.SYS file if you use SMARTDRV.EXE. Using a high number of buffers with SMARTDRV will decrease efficiency. If you are not using SMARTDRV, set BUFFERS=30. More buffers may improve disk access times but will use more conventional memory. Run the Setup program again.

Workaround 4: WIN.INI File Incorrectly Edited

Rename your WIN.INI file and the problem no longer occurs.

Workaround 5: REG.DAT file is set to READ-ONLY

Use File Manager to locate your REG.DAT file. Highlight the file, click Properties on the File menu, then deselect the Read Only attribute.

Workaround 6: Antivirus Program Running

Disable your virus detection utility before you run Setup. If you do not disable the utility, Setup may conflict with it and not run.

Workaround 7: A .REG file for a component of a Microsoft program is corrupt

For additional information, please see the following article(s) in the Microsoft Knowledge Base:

   ARTICLE-ID: Q122964
   TITLE     : How to Register Applications in the REG.DAT File


Word for Windows "Getting Started," version 2.0, pages 7-11

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