Setup Not Completed Successfully; Error w/ Modified SETUP.STF

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When you perform a post administrative setup using a modified SETUP.STF file, you receive the following error message:

   <application name> Setup was not completed successfully.


There are two possible causes for this error message:


Steps to Reproduce Problem

1. Set Windows to use a space character as the 1000 separator:

   a. Start Control Panel and double-click the International icon.

   b. In the Number Format area, choose Change.

   c. In the 1000 Separator box, select the listed character and press the
      SPACEBAR to replace it with a space.

   d. Click OK. Close Control Panel.

2. Back up your SETUP.STF file by copying it to a floppy disk and renaming
   it SETUPSTF.BAK. (It is important to back up SETUP.STF before making any
   modifications to it, just in case the modifications don't work.)

   SETUP.STF is typically located in the same directory as the shared
   application on the network server.

3. Open the SETUP.STF file in a spreadsheet program such as Microsoft

4. Save the file.

5. Run Setup.

The following error message appears:

   <application name> Setup was not completed successfully.

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