HOWTO: Specifying a Catalog Name with SQL Query

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Microsoft OLE DB Provider for Index Server (MSIDXS) supports the "Data Source" property to specify a Catalog name when querying the contents of Index Server.


When you install Index Server 2.0, it creates a default Web Catalog. You can create and configure more catalogs using the Index Server Manager.

When performing SQL queries to optimize your search, you can take advantage of standard ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) properties and provider-specific properties listed under "SQL Access to Index Server Data"/"ADO Properties" in the Index Server Help included with Windows NT Option Pack documentation.

The Index Server Help documentation also discusses that a Catalog can be specified in the FROM clause of a SQL query. However, selecting the catalog in the FROM clause is not recommended.

To specify a different catalog, set the data source property of the ADO connection as shown below (Active Server Pages example):

   Set Conn = Server.CreateObject("ADODB.Connection")
   Conn.ConnectionString =  "provider=msidxs;data source=myTestCatalog;"

NOTE: Conn.connectionstring is setting the data source.


For more information on creating and using Catalogs, refer to the Index Server documentation "Creating and Configuring Catalogs" in the Windows NT Option Pack documentation.

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