PRB: Searching Phrases with Numbers in MSIDXS OLE DB Provider

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When using ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) with the OLE DB Provider for Index Server (MSIDXS) to query the contents of Index Server and you use a phrase where the first word starts with a number, Index Server may return incorrect hits. For example, when you search for the phrase '"32MB RAM"', Index Server may produce extra hits containing documents with just "RAM". The query '"32MB and RAM"' works correctly. Searching for other phrases such as '"SQL Server"' also works correctly.


This is a problem in the Index Server 2.0 query mechanism. Using an HTX/IDQ sample reproduces the same behavior.


You can work around this problem by adding an additional word to the beginning of the phrase (for example, CONTAINS('"the 32MB RAM"') > 0 ). The following query works correctly:

   SELECT Filename, Path, Size, Write FROM Scope('"/"') WHERE
   CONTAINS('"the 32MB RAM"') > 0


Microsoft is researching this problem and will post new information here in the Microsoft Knowledge Base as it becomes available.


Steps to Reproduce Behavior:

Use ADO and the MSIDXS provider to submit the following query with different search phrases:

   SELECT Filename, Path, Size, Write FROM Scope('"/"') WHERE
   CONTAINS('"32MB RAM"') > 0 ORDER BY Filename

1. Search for CONTAINS('"32MB"') > 0 and the hits will be correct.

2. Search for CONTAINS('"32MB RAM"') > 0 and it hits the documents

   containing the phrase "32MB RAM". However, this query also hits many
   other documents containing the word "RAM", but without the phrase "32MB

3. Search for CONTAINS('"32MB and RAM"') > 0 and it hits the correct number
   of documents containing the word "RAM" and "32MB" that may occur
   together or at different places in the documents.


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Last Reviewed: April 18, 1998