Proxy: Error Log Full

ID: Q164069

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The following error message may be misleading or confusing:

   Proxy: Error Log full

When you receive this error message, it is not the proxy log that is full, but the system event log that is full.


You can see the system log in the Event Viewer. On the Start menu, point to Programs, point to Administrative tools, and click Event Viewer. By default, it displays the system log. If the system log is not shown, click the Log menu and change it to System.

To prevent this error from occurring when using Proxy Server, you may need to change the log settings. To do this, click Log Settings on the Log menu and try making one of the following changes:

Keywords          : kbenv kbusage pxsconfig pxsgeneral 
Version           : 1.0 2.0
Platform          : winnt
Hardware          : ALPHA x86

Last Reviewed: October 7, 1997