"Type Mismatch:'Application(...)'" Error in Shop.asp

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If an Application variable is not set in Global.asa, you may receive the following error message in Shop.asp:

   Type mismatch: 'Application(...)'


This error message may occur when the CreateObject() call fails to create the specified Commerce Server (or some other) Component Object Model (COM) component. Most likely, this may be a problem related to database access or storage.


If Microsoft SQL Server is installed on a different computer, perform the following steps to make sure that Internet Information Server (IIS) can access it:

1. Enable the Guest account on the SQL Server.

2. Create a new user account called IUSR_<Commerce Server machine name> and

   add it to the Guests group on the SQL Server.


For more information, refer to the "Database Considerations" topic in the "Managing Security" chapter of the Commerce Server documentation. Also, try to create the components in question outside the Commerce Server store in VBScript and see if you are able to use the methods of those components.

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Last Reviewed: July 18, 1997