Performance Characteristics of the Datasource Object vs. ADODB

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Q. What are the performance characteristics of using the Datasource object

   versus using ADODB? Are there specific advantages to using one over the

A. The Datasource object is based on ADODB objects. The value added is the
   optimal way in which to use ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) for SQL Server
   and Oracle databases. ADO allows you to run an SQL statement in many
   ways, and each way has significant performance implications. The
   object has been tuned to give better performance. Also, there are some
   issues with ADO and Oracle that are addressed in the Datasource object.
   However, there is nothing in the system that prevents you from using
   either ADO directly or your own Component Object Model (COM) data
   object. In fact, the starter stores use ADO directly on the management
   pages to demonstrate its usage.

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Last Reviewed: February 22, 1999