Running Merchant Server and Commerce Server on the Same Computer

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Microsoft does not recommend running Microsoft Merchant Server 1.0 and Commerce Server 2.0 on the same computer. If you find it necessary to run them both on the same computer, watch for the potential problems described in the MORE INFORMATION section below.



In Merchant Server 1.0, this DLL is used by any custom Order Processing Pipeline (OPP) components that you may have written. Commerce Server 2.0 has a V1 Wrapper OPP component that allows integration of Merchant Server 1.0 components into the Commerce Server 2.0 pipeline without any code changes. This DLL for the V1 Wrapper component is also named as Merchext.dll. So if you have both Merchant Server and Commerce Server on the same computer, you will end up with two different versions of Merchext.dll, which may create problems.

Virtual Roots

Because some of the virtual root names used by Merchant Server 1.0 and Commerce Server 2.0 are the same, an installation of Commerce Server overwrites them. You would need to make changes manually to the virtual roots that are overwritten.


Even though Commerce Server 2.0 does not use this Internet Information Server (IIS) filter (that Merchant Server 1.0 does use), this configuration has not been tested with regards to performance or unexpected interaction.

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