Using Merchant 1.0 API Custom OPP Components in Commerce 2.0

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You can use custom Order Processing Pipeline (OPP) components that were written using the Merchant Server 1.0 API in Commerce Server 2.0. Commerce Server 2.0 has a version 1.0 Component Wrapper that makes this possible.

The V1 Wrapper itself is an OPP COM object, and can be configured using the Win32-based Pipeline Editor or the ASP-based Pipeline Editor.


For information on use the V1 Wrapper, see the "Order Processing Component System" in the Commerce Server documentation. If, after following the documentation on V1 Wrapper, you are unable to get it to work, you may want to debug your DLL.

To debug your DLL, try the following:

    - Make sure that Inetinfo.exe is not running.

    - Configure your DLL project settings to start Inetinfo.exe as the
      executable for the debug session, and specify the following as
      command-line arguments:

         -e w3svc

    - Add some breakpoints in your code. When the debugging starts, shop
      in your store, using a browser.

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Last Reviewed: February 23, 1999